When aerothermia power comes from the air surrounding us, then geothermia systems use the energy from beneath us. Even when the temperatures below change, FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS geothermia technology is able to use them to supply rooms with heating and cooling and also generate domestic hot water.

Different devices and pumps extract heat from close Earth layers. More specifically, the heat is taken from pumped groundwater and when the process is done, cooled water is pumped back. It's estimated that geothermia saves approximately 40-50% percent from energy bills, saves room when constructing a building and also the nature around us because it doesn't generate. The whole system that FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS offers can be controlled through Smart Home System using 3G, 4G or WLAN. 

FUTURE HOME SYSTEMS has experience and knowledge in planning, constructing and taking care of the whole system later, so contact us about geothermia and the future starts today!



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