As an innovative company, we want to offer a top climate solution for all our clients. In addition to
previous Heating & Cooling systems, we also have a cutting-edge TABS technology. TABS or
thermally activated building systems store energy into building structure for cooling and heating the
building and in that way, the building is always secured with enough thermal output.

System stores heat at the nighttime to use it later when the building is occupied. To do that, the technology utilizes special pipes embedded in concrete structures. Water flow through pipes affects the whole building at once which means that there is no need for an individual room temperature control. This smart approach saves space and as an enduring climate setup, helps to reduce carbon level and control the energy costs compared to common HVAC-systems.

Thermally activated building systems technology has to be built and managed only by professionals. We have experience and knowledge in planning,  constructing and taking care of the whole system afterwards, so contact us about thermally activated building systems and the future starts today!

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